Residential stay

Boyne House is the Headquarters of the Institute for Homoeopathic medicine. The premises are licenced as a Bed and Breakfast hotel to allow patient in-stay faciities for observed case taking and treatment. 

Contact us  HERE  for dates and prices for stay and practitioner rates. 

Boyne house is a large residential property dating from the late 1800s.


It has been tastefully remodelled into a 6 bedroom ensuite guest house and is now being used by the I.H.M. as a specialist in-stay centre for patients requiring and in depth case taking and treatment centre for homoeopathic treatment only.

boyne-house-guest-house5We will only charge for the patient. The spouse or partner can stay free in the room during the duration of the treatment. 

The treatment protocol will comprise of the initial case taking being taken by a medical/senior homoeopath, sometimes accompanied by other fully qualified practitioners and sometimes by advanced homoeopathic students subject to agreement. 


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