Professional teaching and training.

The I.H.M. has been a research and training faculty since 1986. Five colleges in 4 countries, and conducting live clinic training for hundreds of students.

Gary Weaver has conducted Seminars in Spain, India, Australia, Ireland. Hong Kong, Great Britain and Bangkok. 

IMG_0001cThe I.H.M. emphasises Hahemannian teaching and utilises the updated version of the Therapeutic Pocket Book as designed by Boenninghausen and updated utilising the Allen layout in modern English and corrected meaning. IMG_0003bThe Polony and Weaver SYNOPSIS repertory program and also the TPB in book form is available to students of the I.H.M. at a substantial discount.

We will be conducting practitioner seminars on a regular basis, as well as case analysis programs with live patients and difficult practitioner cases.

For those wishing to join the I.H.M. Register, we have a bedroom available on a Bed and Breakfast basis for overseas practitioners at no extra charge for the duration of the 4 day intensive teaching if required.

We will be conduct regular one and two day Seminars on a variety of subjects, as well as training days for utilising the P&W Therapeutic Pocket Book into your daily practice.

What we teach at the IHM HQ in Eastbourne, East Sussex UK.

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