I.H.M. Register application. 4 day intensive training course.

For inclusion on the I.H.M., we require the applicant to undertake a 4 day overview course at our new HQ at I.H.M. Boyne House, Eastbourne East Sussex in the UK.
The course which has been undertaken by many professionals, is an in depth look at the various elements of homoeopathy that collectively give a clear picture of WHAT it is a homoeopath needs to know in order to practice and be successful in undertaking a curative reaction in the patient. Everything is based and predicated on the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann.
The cost is £1000 sterling. Payment can be cash, credit card or Paypal.
1/. The duration is 4 days.
2/. We offer accommodation and breakfast free of charge for the duration of the training.
This will comprise of 4 complementary nights in total. Extra nights in a double en suite room are are at the practitioner discounted rate of £30 a night. (Standard rate is £55-£70 a night)
As this is a free gift, If you wish to make your own plans for accommodation, there is no discount on the fee.
Course content will cover Miasms, Pharmacy and dispensing protocols, an in depth look at LM medicines, use of the Therapeutic Pocket Book, overview of up to 50 cases and analysis breakdown in acute and chronic conditions, how to examine the Materia Medica to understand what we are looking for and a general in depth look with the emphasis on case taking and patient management.
We would suggest that the applicant uses the P&W as designed by Vladimir Polony and Gary Weaver and as such we will offer the program for windows at a discount.
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